Concerned about your firm's technology meeting your business requirements for continued operations in the event of an outage? What you would do if there were a natural disaster that struck your business? Are you obligated to follow any regulatory compliance? Or, do you simply need to protect employee or client privacy? Do you feel your day to day IT issues are affecting your productivity, efficiency or causing loss of revenue?Tech-MAR can help your firm by matching our industry-leading solutions to these leading legal industry concerns and issues. We are experienced in providing quality, industry approved solutions for the legal industry. Click on one of the links below your area of concern for more info. Each solution is custom tailored to your business requirements to give you the best solution at the lowest rate.

My firm needs to have backups and be able to recover from outages or disasters TM | RECOVER Backup and Business Continuity Solution
  • On-site and cloud-based offsite backup for critical data, systems and recovery solutions for restoring your firm to full working order as quickly as possible.
  • Full-time partner managing and delivering the required recovery and continuity plan you need for your firm.
  • Defined plan of action for restoration of your critical systems and data to ensure you can accurately plan for any incident that affects normal business operations.
  • Regular, scheduled testing of plan and reporting.
  • Access to perform restores without IT involvement.
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We need to understand our risks around IT security and protect against data breaches TM | RECOVER Managed Security
  • Security Assessment and risk report to assess initial risk measurement and the firms threshold for acceptance of identified risk
  • Managed for you to deliver the proper security solutions for the areas necessary to protect your firms technology systems.
  • Using a multi-layered approach protects the common areas of threat attacks.
  • Internet and network, your email and server systems and employee workstations, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Regular, scheduled assessments and reporting so you know when there is a potential problem.
  • Mitigation planning and security management plan.
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We have regulatory compliance requirements (HIPAA or PCI) and need help meeting these TM | RECOVER Managed Compliance
  • Compliance testing and reporting to assess initial risks during on-boarding.
  • Assessment reports detail risk areas and provide strategy and plan for mitigation.
  • Internal and external vulnerability testing to understand full threat landscape to your firm.
  • Regular, scheduled assessments and reporting so you know your firm is validated and protected or to understand new risks when there is a potential problem identified.
  • Ongoing management improves visibility and decreases risk due to constant oversight of the environment.
  • Security and Compliance policy and procedures documentation, management plan and risk report creation and assistance with implementation and training.
  • Ongoing, on demand user training included when required to educate employees reducing overall security risk effects.
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Day to day IT issues are affecting my firms efficiency, productivity or has caused loss of revenue Our existing IT support provider is not meeting our needs TM | MANAGE Managed IT Solution
  • Fully managed and supported IT systems by skilled, professional resources
  • 24x7 monitoring and alerting
  • Proactive Maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Unlimited remote helpdesk support
  • Asset and Licensing management and inventory management
  • Security and Application Patch Management
  • Endpoint Security - antivirus, web protection, antispam, content filtering
  • Email Security - Content/compliance filtering, email archiving, antivirus/antispam, continuity and disaster recovery for email
  • Mobile Device Management and Security
  • Managed Backup/Recovery - 250Gb/workstation, 1TB/server included and pooled for your firm
  • Virtual CIO and Dedicated Network Administration
  • Complete IT reporting and metrics
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We are concerned about client privacy and the confidentiality of our office space TM | RECOVER Privacy Solution
  • Privacy sound masking solution
  • Masks confidential conversations and protects client-attorney privileges
  • Reduces noise distractions for employees
  • Creates more productive workplace
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Our current phone system is outdated, expensive to make changes or just expensive in general and we'd like to have more functionality but reduce communication costs TM | VOICE Managed PBX
  • Fully hosted and managed for you
  • No expensive hardware or licensing to buy or install at your locations
  • Phones operate anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Moving phones between personnel, offices or even geographically separate locations no longer require a technician or cost
  • Mobility options, such as mobile app or remote extension at homes or remote offices
  • Turn-key solution, unlimited extensions
  • Cut communications cost by 60% or more in most companies
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